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Employer Services

In the current legislative environment employers have an ever expanding list of rules and regulations they have to comply with. At V & R Insurance we provide a wide array of products and services that ensure that employers not only comply with the rules but also communicate benefits and notice information to the employees as required by law.

Employer ServicesThese products and services are available individually or can be purchased in bundles. The more services a customer needs the lower the cost of each individual service. Ultimately there is a way of receiving most services at no additional cost. For more information on any of our services or on how to get these services free of charge please contact us.

Although V & R Insurance is diligent in providing the highest quality services it is important to know that V & R Insurance representatives are not attorneys and work provided by V & R Insurance representatives should be reviewed by an attorney specializing in Employment Law to be certain of compliance. We offer the following services.

Healthcare Reform Compliance

  • Required Notices to employees
  • Guidance on Plan Selection to lower cost and avoid penalties

Benefit Communication

  • Communicate all Benefits Available to the employees
  • Customized Online tools
  • Customized Benefit Booklets and forms
  • One to One, individualized enrollments
  • Coordination of all plans using both Online and Paper materials.

Employee Plan Enrollment Assistance/Guidance

  • Open Enrollment Services – Online, face to face or both!
  • Enroll employees in ALL benefit plans
  • Provide guidance to employees on what plans are best for their particular situation

Annual Renewal Plan Evaluation

  • Renewal Request for Proposal (RFP) Services – Fee determined by size and scope
  • Plan Cost/Benefit Comparison – current vs other insurers
  • Provide Benchmark Data – Show how plans compare to other employers of similar size and industry.

Wellness Plans

  • Establish Objective for Wellness Plan, including cost
  • Provide Assistance for Plan Execution
  • Provide Ongoing Wellness Information to employer and employees

Employee Handbook Writing/Update

  • Provide Assistance with writing a handbook from scratch
  • Assist with Updating a current handbook
  • Assist with Specific Policies

Other Services

  • COBRA Administration
  • Section 125 Plan Installation or Restatement(update)
  • Section 105 (HRA) Plan Guidance and Installation
  • DOL Audit Assistance
  • Summary Plan Description (SPD) Assistance
  • Employee Benefit Surveys
  • Total Compensation Statements

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Additional Offerings

V & R also offers a variety of other products.

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