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Individual Coverage

For many years V&R Insurance wrote individual policies as a way to help employees lower the cost of providing health insurance for dependents. Individual policies were generally less expensive if the covered individuals could qualify for coverage. However, with the passing of Healthcare Reform and the elimination of pre-existing condition limitations individuals can get the coverage they need without having to qualify for coverage.

Individual CoverageAt V&R Insurance we work with the top insurers to provide coverage for individuals and their families. We evaluate each individual’s personal needs and offer the best coverage option available. Since we are Healthcare Reform Marketplace Certified we can help find coverage on the Marketplace (Obamacare) or in the open insurance market. Either way we will work to find a policy that fits within the budget available.

Sometimes individuals qualify for a PREMIUM SUBSIDY from the government to help pay for coverage. If an individual thinks they should get a subsidy we can determine an estimated subsidy amount, then help them find coverage and enroll on the Health Insurance Marketplace. There is no additional charge to help someone enroll in the Marketplace and we are then available to help if there are any billing or claims issues.

Individual Products Offered

  • Individual Medical – Exchange and Non-Exchange plans
  • Dental
  • Life
  • Disability
  • Annuities

For more information about individual coverage please contact us.

Additional Offerings

V & R also offers a variety of other products.

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