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As individuals become eligible for Medicare, either by becoming age 65 or because of disability, they are often unsure about which direction to take regarding coverage and what plan or plans are right for them. They are bombarded with advertisements in the mail, on radio, TV and even in the grocery store! Usually these advertisements are for a specific insurance company trying to get individuals enrolled in ANY of their plans. At V&R Insurance we work with many different TOP INSURERS and are interested in finding the BEST plan for the individual. The representatives our senior customers work with are all Medicare Licensed & Certified for Education and Sales and are required to comply with all the marketing and sales rules provided by CMS.
Medicare InsuranceSince every individual’s situation is different, every individual’s needs are different, so our representatives like to meet face to face with our customers. So when you, a family member or friend have questions about Medicare coverage or are ready to enroll, please contact us and ask for someone who can help you find the Medicare and Medicare Part D plan that best fits your lifestyle!

For more information on Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D plans please contact us.

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V & R also offers a variety of other products.

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