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PEO Services

PEO ServicesAs companies grow and prosper management of business operations can become confusing and overwhelming. A PEO provides a bundled approach that simplifies the complexities of business operations and helps the company better manage the Human Resources administration, payroll, employee benefits, workers compensation, compliance and risk management functions.

Through our partnership with our PEO partners our customers can expect value by:

  • Delivering access to a wide range of benefits not typically offered to smaller companies.
  • Reducing health benefit costs when compared to buying the same benefits on the open market.
  • Decreasing the time spent on HR administration activities by up to 75% for small companies.
  • Offering expert HR guidance through a team of experienced professionals.
  • Improving employment practices, compliance and risk management to reduce exposure to employer liability.
  • Attract and retain top talent.

Auto & Homeowners

As part of V & R Insurance goal to provide a wider array of insurance coverage we have teamed up with Rollyson Fearnow Insurance to offer affordable Homeowners and Auto, boat and motorcycle insurance.

For a no obligation quote please contact Rhett Rollyson at (813) 719-0158.

Additional Offerings

V & R also offers a variety of other products.

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